Learn MS Excel for Productivity & High-Paying Jobs.

Lucrative Opportunities for Excel Experts

An average salary for a person who is an expert in MS Excel is Rs.15,000/- To 2,00,000/- INR

MS Excel: Dominating Corporate Data Management

90% of small, mid-cap, and big corporate companies use MS Excel for data handling and reporting

MS Excel: A Booming Job Market in India

In India alone, an average of more than 2000 jobs are being created every month for MS Excel, you can check on Google, Naukri.com, Indeed etc

Are you facing these challenges?

Inefficient data management

Limited data analysis capabilities

Difficulty creating and using formulas

Unproductivity due to unfamiliarity with shortcuts & features

Formatting issues and challenges in making data visually appealing

Troublesome chart and graph creation

Hooray! We have all of these answers along with many more.

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What will you learn in this MS Excel Live Webinar workshop?

Data Organization & Management

You’ll be learning different techniques here, one of which includes organizing and managing data. It’s one of the important skills to have, which offers clarity and precision to your work

Data Analysis

Charts, graphs, pivot tables, you’ll learn all these brilliant tools to keep all your work organized, safe and clear! These tools can save a lot of time and effort!

Spreadsheet & Optimization

Excel provides great information on managing large datasets, optimizing spreadsheet performance. Get ready for your productivity to boost as this is time efficient!

Advanced Functions

Master vital Excel functions: VLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH, IF, arrays & more. Simplified explanations make it easy to grasp complex topics. Your lucky advantage!

Sales Forecasting

Excel's statistical functions allow sales teams to create forecasts based on historical data & current trends. This aids in setting realistic sales targets & making informed predictions about future performance.

Budgeting and Financial Analysis

Marketing campaigns often involve significant budgets. Excel's financial functions help in budgeting, cost analysis, and tracking expenses, enabling marketers to manage their campaigns more efficiently.

Who is this Live Webinar for?


Share Marketing


HR & Admin

Statistical Analysis Professional

Finance Professional

Advocate-Lawyers Professional

Sales & Marketing Professional

Investment Banking Analyst


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What Others Are Saying!

"Fun & Engaging"

Attending the MS Excel Live webinar was a game-changer. The instructor's expertise and engaging delivery made even complex concepts accessible. I now feel confident using Excel's advanced features to streamline my work, saving valuable time. This webinar is a must for any professional looking to upskill and boost productivity.

Aakash C.

"Practical Knowledge"

The MS Excel Live webinar surpassed all expectations. The content was well-structured, and the instructor's guidance was exceptional. I gained practical knowledge and discovered efficient ways to handle data analysis tasks. I highly recommend this webinar to anyone seeking to master Excel and enhance their career prospects.

Shubham A.

"Great Webinar"

I am delighted with the MS Excel Live webinar. The interactive nature of the session kept me invested throughout. The instructor's ability to simplify intricate Excel functions was commendable. I now feel more adept at using Excel for complex calculations and data visualization. This webinar has been helpfull in elevating my skillset.

Apeksha J.

"Helpful Tips & Tricks"

Outstanding! The MS Excel Live webinar delivered a comprehensive learning experience. The hands-on approach helped me grasp advanced techniques effortlessly. I can now create insightful reports, thanks to the tips and tricks shared during the session. This webinar is a valuable investment for any professional striving to excel in Excel.

Sonali M.


The MS Excel Live webinar was incredibly informative. The instructor's knowledge was apparent, and they answered all our questions with patience. I gained a deeper understanding of Excel's functionalities and feel more confident using complex formulas. I wholeheartedly recommend this webinar for those to boost Excel proficiency.

Rucha C.

"Best Live Webinar"

I can't speak highly enough about the MS Excel Live webinar. The content was relevant, and the examples used were practical and relatable. I now have a newfound appreciation for Excel's capabilities and am excited to implement what I've learned in my daily tasks. This webinar is a fantastic investment in professional growth.

Abhidyna P.

Meet Your Mentor

Excel Expertise Unleashed: Join Mr. Swapnil Majgaonkar's Webinar!

Extensive Experience

I have been working with Excel for over 10 years, excelling in data analysis, automation, and advanced formulas.

Engaging Teaching Style

My teaching approach is fun, interactive, and easy to grasp, making complex concepts a breeze to understand.

Real-world Applications

I emphasise on practical applications, ensuring you can implement Excel skills effectively in your personal and professional projects.

Personalized Guidance

I understands your learning pace and tailors sessions to your specific needs, maximising your learning potential.

Proven Results

Many of my ex-students have transformed from Excel novices to proficient users, unlocking new career opportunities.

Employees trained at

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Now at ₹99/-

Have questions? look here.

It’s a very simple process of enrolling in the course. Go on the website, click on the enrollment button and follow the information you get to complete the registration process. Once you are enrolled, you’ll get quick access to all the course material.

Your laptop or PC is required for this course, with a good internet connection and excel should be installed in your gadget.

This Excel online course is designed for individuals of all skill levels, from beginners with no prior Excel experience to experienced users looking to enhance their skills and productivity. Whether you're a student, professional, or business owner, this course will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to excel in Excel.

In this course, you will learn a wide range of Excel topics, including essential functions and formulas, data manipulation and analysis, data visualization, time-saving tips and tricks, best practices, and troubleshooting techniques. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of Excel's capabilities and be equipped with the skills to efficiently handle data and perform complex calculations.

No, this course caters to all levels of Excel proficiency. If you're a beginner, we'll start with the basics and gradually progress to more advanced topics. If you have some prior experience with Excel, this course will help you deepen your understanding and explore new techniques to enhance your productivity.

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